1 Step Towards Improving Your Family’s Relationship

A happy family, peaceful home and respectful interactions. These are things we all want in our family life. Many of us simply lack the knowledge on how to improve the relationship with our family.

We’ve all seen that family, the one that seems to have it all. Loving husband, respectful wife and obedient children. Although there is no perfect family there are simple steps we can take to build and maintain a happy family life. Below is one simple step we can take, starting today to improve our family’s relationship.

 Understand Each Others Needs

Husbands need respect, wives need love, children need guidance and loving discipline. Men have a great need for respect, even valuing it more than love. History has proven the lengths a man will go to in order to attain respect. Most women today don’t quite understand this need men have. We’ve all been to the store or some other public place and seen a lady talk down to her husband or significant other. This behavior is extremely disrespectful and tears men down. A woman contributes greatly to the building up of her household so instead make a conscious effort to respect your husbands, they need that. 

When in public speak positively to others about them and express appreciation for your husband. Commend him, especially in front of others. Next time you’re out with friends mention something your husband has accomplished. It doesn’t have to be major,  it can be something simple but even a small amount of accommodation can go a long way. Your husband will light up when he hears you telling your friends about even the simple things he does for your family. In return this will deepen others respect for him. Men love it when their wives express their appreciation for how hard they work.

Women on the other hand thrive when shown love. It is one thing to know that our husband loves us, but we also need to feel the love they have for us. Women need to be treated with compassion and tenderness by their husbands. Listening intently to your wife when she speaks is one way you can show your love for her. Most times when a woman talks she is not looking for a solution to her problems, she just wants someone who will just simply listen to what she has to say. Men are natural problem solvers so when they are presented with a problem they want to solve it. For women talking is one way we relieve stress and it’s also how we connect with others on an emotional level so take the time to just listen to what she has to say. She will greatly appreciate your listening ear.

It goes without say that children need guidance and discipline. Many kids scoff at the word discipline. In our society discipline can have negative connotations but the truth is discipline is a demonstration of love. It should never be abusive instead it should be used to educate our children. Children need to be taught, they also need to know that there are consequences to their actions. Your child may not understand right now but as they get older they will greatly appreciate your loving discipline and guidance. Understanding these needs and working towards trying to fulfill them can greatly improve our relationship with our family membership . We should work hard to make a sincere effort to care about our relatives feelings. At times that may even include putting our own feelings aside for their benefit.

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